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Joseph Robinette Biden - the face of utter incompetence.

At the outset - make no mistake - don't get it twisted (as the youth of today would say) I am a dyed-in-the-wool Democratic-Socialist of the Eugene Debs, Upton Sinclair, Norman Thomas, Henry Wallace stripe.

It's imperative that we dump Joseph Robinette Biden as our candidate in 2024, post-haste..... "the affair cries haste and speed must answer it." 

The history of the American presidency overflows with our national failures to pick the right person for the tasks of the day, from John C. Fremont - the first Republican Party candidate for president - in 1856 (back at the birth of the Republican Party in 1854 when it was a political party that stood for decency) that had he been elected in 1856 the name Abraham Lincoln would be erased from history) to [then] Vice President Hannibal Hamlin (who was removed from Lincoln's 1864 reelection campaign and replaced with a virulent racist in Andrew Johnson who was later impeached) to [then] Vice President Henry Wallace whom FDR replaced in 1945 with Harry S. Truman (who pushed a far more conservative FDR to the Left on many progressive issues of the day) to Bernie Sanders (of whom all our eyes have seen the proofs of his commitment to the tenets of Democratic-Socialism). 

My contempt for all things Republican - the entirety of their inhumane political orthodoxy go out the door and round the block ("All that my political enemies uphold I shall oppose, all that they oppose I shall uphold" is my motto).  Now, with that out the way I shall go on.  The chess played by Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin has effectively checkmated NATO/US.  The 4 regions of what was formerly part of Ukraine - Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson & Zaporizhia - opted in 4 separate referendums to leave Ukraine and become part of the Russian Federation - so it's over,case closed - nothing more to see here, folks.  If any nation(s) attempts to set foot in any of these regions it will be regarded by the Russian Federation as a direct attack on the Russia homeland as if the cities of Moscow of Leningrad themselves were under attack.   By providing the Ukraine government with the the weaponry to hit areas within the Russian Federation  will only result in the Russian military upping the ante (along with prolonging the conflict) with further devastation to the infrastructure of what's left of the Ukrainian state.   

We as Democrats harshly criticized Republicans for not speaking up in regards to Donald Trump's outrageous criminal acts while in office - an attempt to overthrow the republic by the seated president of the United States who lost his re-election bid is quite an alarming thing, yet his faction still seem unfazed by it all - they even double down on it til this very day.  On December 4, 2022, Trump even went so far as to suggest scrapping the constitution of the republic to seat him once more as the rightful president of the nation.  

Yet, we live in a time where we as Democrats dare not criticize our own party leadership - namely, Joe Biden & Kamala Harris (the thought of her ascending to the presidency scares me to no end) for their equally destructive politics that put our world in far greater peril than anything Trump did in his time as president.   In an attempt to save his floundering presidency Biden has picked fights  with The Russian Federation & The People's Republic of China - and by extension the Islamic Republic of Iran & The Democratic People's Republic of North Korea - DPRK - all at once - three of which are nuclear weapons armed nations.  What he hopes to accomplish by such abhorrent geopolitical vapidity escapes me.  All he's accomplishing is making our world all the more unstable - so if that's his goal [than] he gets an A+ from me.     

In a time that needs great statecraft from our party leadership we have Joseph Robinette Biden, a wholly incompetent human being, a man who is willing to set the world on fire playing outdated geopolitical games with the Russian Federation's leader, Vladimir Putin. 
This game of nuclear chicken that he's playing with Putin that could very well lead to a nuclear war that would end most life on earth.   From warning(s) by the Russian Ambassador to the United States, Anatoly Antonov to foreign minister Sergey lavrov (whose taken to using the term "Anglo-Saxons" to describe the Occident nations of the West) to the former president, prime minister, and the current Deputy Chairman of the Security Council (second in line to Putin himself) Dmitry Medvedev (a hardliner who talks in terms of "hypersonic missiles striking the United States" - all of whom have made statements - issued clear warnings - in regards to the current situation in Ukraine and that it could go nuclear at any moment, yet Biden and his brain-trust don't seem to have gotten the messages. 
Well, Joseph Borrell, the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy got the message, Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel got the message, and others behind the scenes have got the message that if certain parameters are violated that as president of the Russian Federation he (Putin) will use "any means necessary" to protect the Russian state.  So, at the risk of repeating myself - If any nation(s) attempts to set foot in any of these regions it will be regarded by the Russian Federation as a direct attack on the Russia homeland as if the cities of Moscow of Leningrad themselves were under attack.  
And in the sphere of geopolitical politics a quality leadership should be able to think out every eventuality however preposterous it may seem in the moment.  It's about forward thinking something Joe Biden has never been capable of doing in his 36 years as a US senator.  Joseph Biden, this American-born Irishman from racist ass Scranton, Pennsylvania isn't new to me - at all, I've been watching his vulgar racialists antics since his days in the state of Delaware's New Castle County Council).   Joe Biden is typical closet racists [of the working class Irish type] on the eastern seaboard that I grew up around in Philadelphia in the 60's.   His vile racist comments were called gaffes, they aren't gaffes they're what's going on inside of his empty racist head.   My dad knew people who knew his dad personally [Joe Sr.] who described him as, a "drunken racist, homophobic, sexist liar" - so, in his case, like father like son. 
He is a man with zero ideas of his own (and why he's had/has a career of literally plagiarizing the words & ideas of others - and here) and a far more politically engaged American electorate in 1988 denied him the presidency, not once but twice (1988 and 20 years later in 2008).
As a footnote, Scranton, Pennsylvania was populated by poor Irish, Italian and Polish in the early 40's - virulent racists almost to a one that housed a hatred of black people that you could cut with a knife (I was told horror stories of their behavior towards innocent blacks growing up in the 1960's). Joe Biden is cut directly from that cloth of virulent racist Irish (of whom I know so very well).  When blacks from the Philadelphia area migrated out to the Scranton many of the aforementioned groups fled to neighboring Delaware known for having "black codes" that had been around since the Revolutionary War to escape from the dark hordes out to do white people ill will.  Who else but a racist himself would give Herman Talmadge, Strom Thurman, Robert Byrd and James Eastland the time of century (four stay-behind dixiecrat racists of the worst kind, three of whom left the Democratic Party, oh, but not James Eastland, no, sir, he stayed in the Party to be an obstructionist to all thing progressive in regards to race relations - the man hatred black people with a passion of deep purple and openly expressed his virulent hatred of black people) much less call them his 'friends' as Biden has done publicly over his lifetime. 
The American Democratic party citizenry of 1988 knew he was a back-bench neoliberal assclown that was not to be taken seriously by any Democrat voter to lead them anywhere.   But, we Democrats of 2020 have sleepwalked into allowing a human being like this (so desperate in our need to rid ourselves of Trump) that should never have been elected president of the United States by Democrats - to become president of the United States and as Democrats we're now mirroring what Republicans have been doing, namely sitting silently by watching absolute madness unfold.  When you vote for a person to be Mayor, Governor, Senator or President, when they get in you're entirely responsible for what they do - you put them where they are.   I didn't vote for the Biden/Harris shit-show, I wouldn't have voted for either of them to be elected part-time feral animal catchers of Esmeralda County if such a position were on the ballot. 
And as for Kamala Harris aka "Giggles" - she giggles like a child when she's caught being a screw-up (who dropped out of the race for presidency right before her own home state of California's primary, the ultimate political prize for the presidency as a Democrat because she knew she'd be vanquished [ignominiously] before the nation by not being able to win her own home state thereby marking her political death knell) for her to be a heartbeat away from the presidency - the idea of it makes my heart beat twice as fast.    I don't care for the woman in the slightest  going back to her early days as California Attorney General doing nothing when racists murdering cops there killed blacks like it was 1922 and her putting hard working inner city black parents in jail for their children not coming to school, like any parent has control over what their kids might do once they leave their sight?  What half decent black person would do that to another black person?  That's the racist ass crap that racist ass whites that hate blacks with a passion do to black people, not the actions of the caring black woman she feigns being.  She could never clean that filth up with me (and I'm childless).    
We are in the most dangerous times in the history of the world yet we as Democrats aren't saying anything about a situation precipitated by very bad foreign policy on the part of Joseph Robinette Biden and his team of Antony Blinken & Jake Sullivan. 
Calling them The Three Stooges makes this a joke - but it's anything but funny. 
Let me make this clear, in an attempt to avoid comparisons of him made in the western media to Joseph Stalin, Vladimir Putin has allowed his military to be beaten on the battlefield far too concerned with political optics (as opposed to going in and kicking their Neo-Nazi worshiping brains out their heads).  Had he gone in - all out - the army of the Russian Federation would have crushed Ukraine in a week, and Zelinsky would be sitting in one of the Occident Nations (probably France) as the leader of a government-in-exile (or captured trying to flee). 
There's a new political phrase being bandied around, "when someone tells you who they are, believe them", well, Vladimir Putin is telling the Occident nation leaders who have come together in an all out attempt to destroy his nation in no uncertain terms that if the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation, (what this has been about from day one) is in any way broached/threatened that he will use any means necessary, any tool at his disposal to protect the Russian state - period (and rightly so as president of the Russian Federation elected by 54,430,000 Russian citizens to protect them from harm).
In the west Vladimir Putin is made out to be the reincarnation of Joseph Stalin, well the closest Vladimir Putin comes to Joseph Stalin is that his grandfather was chef to Stalin (and Lenin). 
Some American general (or should I say some damn fool) made a statement in regards to the Russian Federation using tactical nuclear weapons what the United States and Occident Nations should collectively do, to which Deputy Security Council chairman Medvedev responded, 'we've got hypersonic (nuclear) missiles'.....

The Rubicon got crossed with the destruction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. 

Literally an act of state terrorism - not to mention the ecological terrorism of the act, and their is only one of two culprits afoot (or both working in tandem).  From the technical know-how to the free access in the NATO patrolled region, to the utter audacity to pull it off there's only one main player who stands to benefit from it and that player is the United States of America.  OUR nation has descended into a act of state-sponsored terrorism by blowing up an infrastructure for the delivery of natural gas from Russia to Germany.  The assassination of Archduke Ferdinand led to World War I, Adolf Hitler crossing into Poland led to World War II, and this blowing up of an infrastructure pipeline finance by the Russian state (along with other indignities aimed at Russia) can and will possibly lead to World War III.  It eclipses the brief events of October 1962 - tenfold (The so-called Cuban missile crisis).  We have open admissions by the President himself and one Victoria Nuland, the Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs (a certified war mongering nutcase that should be forever placed in a rubber room - here she is plotting the coup that overthrew the duly elected [then] Ukrainian President, Viktor Yanukovych - "Fuck the EU) that if Russia were to go into Ukraine they'd put an end to Nord Stream 2 however it had to be done here & here.   And, Stooge #2, Secretary of State, Antony Blinken hailed this act of international criminal eco-terrorism as a, ‘Tremendous Opportunity’'.   

Scroll down to Oliver Stone's comments on Joseph Robinette Biden (serious buyer's remorse) in this article.  Had Stone studied Biden as I have over the decades he'd have known that was pie in the sky thinking that he [Biden] would - or could mature into a statesman or anything close.  Biden is utterly hopeless as anything remotely resembling 'a statesman', and, yes, it was Barack Obama that elevated this back-bench neoliberal to political prominence to satisfy the party apparatus (that Obama wouldn't go off on some progressive crusade to right the wrongs done black Americans).   

 In this lame duck session Biden is going to try a trick of placing the next tranche of money ($37.7 Billion Dollars) that if approved will bring the total thus far to just over 1/10 of $1 Trillion Dollars of our tax dollars -  for Ukraine in the Omnibus Budget Bill where it can get passed with no resistance by this congress before the new Republican-led Congress is seated that's sure to kill it as dead as disco.  6 in 10 Democrats don't want him as the nominee in 2024, 7 in 10 Independent voters don't want him either.  

Not another nickel of our dollars flushed down the toilet for this absurdity  from the mind of Jake Sullivan, Biden's National Security Advisor (a degenerate down to his bone marrow) who was recorded on a phone call with Victoria Nuland, talking about Syria - where we shouldn't be in the first place - saying that, "ISIS is on our side."   Who the hell but a total degenerate would want ISIS on their side in any endeavor?    
President Joseph Robinette Biden is a waste of good political space and the Democratic Party needs to look elsewhere for a quality candidate to be the nominee - in 2024 (either Bernie Sanders or California Governor Gavin Newsom.  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez/AOC would be first on my list to be the nominee but her age, 33 precludes her from the job) because Biden isn't the person for the many life altering tasks facing our republic - period. 

The man is entirely clueless both on the domestic front as well as the geopolitical front (where he is truly out of his element). 

Exactly 100 years ago the Ottoman Empire (1299-1922) dubbed, The Sick Man of Europe died a very public death that was slow in the coming but a foregone conclusion from its many political missteps.
Our American Empire is the sick man of the Americas and has all but reached its journey's end.  Its failure is a foregone conclusion as well.  It's well past time to think "Second Republic" after the failures of our First one (1789- ). 


Geopolitical: The Russian/US/NATO confrontation - The Ukrainian state used as cannon fodder in a proxy war.      

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