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President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin

My intent is not to be an apologist for Vladimir Putin, my intent is to stop the endless dehumanization of both the nation of Russia, the proud Russian people and this man who has the unenviable task of fixing an absolute shit-show he inherited from the last leader of the failed Soviet state (Mikhail Gorbachev) and the 1st President of the Russian Federation, Boris Yeltsin. 

To take on the tasks of resurrecting any failed state, much less the failed state that was the former Soviet state, and the new one that was but 8 years in the making when he became president requires a very strong resolve. 

Putin's family blood is in the soil of the nation he's tasked with leading - he had two brothers whom he never knew who died before he was born, one brother (Albert) died in infancy, his other brother (Viktor) died during the Siege of Leningrad (he was buried in an unmarked grave) and a father wounded in battle during WWII. Quoting him from his book, "First Person", he said that his mother was so close to starvation that she lost consciousness and “they laid her out with the corpses” until someone heard her moaning. His father, hospitalized with war wounds, set aside his rations to feed her.


The outdated geopolitical narratives of the past rule even today...the failed political narratives of Alfred Thayer Mahan (here) & (here), Halford Mackinder (here) & (here) , Zbigniew Brzezinski (here) & (here)...

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