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Flag of The Russian Federation

There is no such nation as The Soviet Union/Union of Soviet Socialist Republics/USSR.

It ceased to exist officially on December 12, 1991 - 31 years ago. It dissolved itself under the constitutional provisions of the 1924 Chapter II: Article 4 & 1977 Constitution Article 72 that stated that any Union Republic could leave of its own volition.

Russian Federation: Population 146 million people 

The Russian Federation is the largest country in the world (6.6 million square miles).

The first of the 15 republics that made up the Soviet Union to declare its sovereignty was the nation of Lithuania, followed by Tajikistan, then Kazakhstan under Nazarbayev in October of 1990 (Nazarbayev was declared president in April of 1990)... Soon after other Union Republics were to follow in August of 1991,until on December 12th in a village in Belarus (Belovezh Accords) three of the four original founding members of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics came together and made it official. 

The utter recklessness, either said on purpose to antagonize, a gaff or mere human ignorance by our, Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin highlights the destructive mindset of continuous belligerence by our nation towards the current nation of the Russian Federation that has hit the reset button 3 decades ago. They've tried to move on from the years of Stalin, Khrushchev, Cold War antagonisms - but others CLEARLY have not.  

The vilification of this word, "Russia" goes back many centuries among the Occident nations  - it isn't a new phenomena. 

From The first Tsar, Ivan Vasilyevich (b.1530-84), known to [western] history as, Ivan The Terrible - however, the proper translation is Ivan the Formidable - Ivan 'Grozny' means formidable, not terrible. 

We know from our own daily experiences with ethnic hatred within our American republic that if you can make a people 'the other' you can easily make them the enemy. 

I remember this absolute ethnic filth from a 1985 Wendy's TV commercial (below).  Attempting to portray the Russia people of the era as backward, unsophisticated - ' the other.' Mikhail Gorbachev is president at the time but there is a portrait of Vladimir Lenin hanging in the background.

As a child of the 1950's I grew up watching the cartoon, Rocky & Bullwinkle that had a every recurring character, Boris Badenov - said to be modelled after the Russian Tsar Boris Godunov.  

His only mission was to come to America and commit acts of violence against Americans - pure evil for evil sake.  Anti-Russian propaganda aimed at the minds of American children



Just the facts;

2nd & 4th President of the Russian Federation 

Аллен Рейнхарт

Committee to Elect Allen Rheinhart
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