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Zionist Israeli Knesset/U.S. Senator "Black" Jacky Rosen

If you as a Democrat vote for"Black" Jacky Rosen in 2024, you are as complicit in the murder of the innocent as she is - period.

This vile human being is as complicit in genocide by bombs, bullets and starvation/famine as is Joe Biden and that monster Bibi Netanyahu - and [she] thinks that by November 2024, as Democrats, you'll have forgotten about her criminality - but,will you have forgotten?

Nevada Senator"Black" Jacky Rosen,who is as complicit in genocide as Bibi Netanyahu must be removed from office in November and that can only be accomplished by the citizenry of Nevada - we Nevadans alone are the only remedy left to remove her from office - she is 100% complicit in the war crimes that are happening daily, of crimes against peace - and crimes against humanity in Gaza.  

After reading please consider donating  - from any place on earth - so that I can get the word out by way of a new YouTube channel and a personal podcast to expose ardent Zionist US Senator Jacky Rosen - who flew to Israel to attend a face-to-face war council with war criminal BiBi Netanyahu.  She thinks that between now and next November this will all be swept under the rug - will the mass murder of so many innocent Palestinians be swept under the rug?  I will continue via every method available to expose her between now and the November election where I will be on the ballot.   I understand the fear many people have of being labeled an antisemite (fired) so there is a way to donate directly to me - the only person with access to your name is myself (here).  

  We Nevadans who believe in peace must shed ourselves of Democrat politicians like Jacky Rosen who flew into a war zone in west Asia (Apartheid Israel) - not a phone call, not FaceTime/Video Conference, oh, no,Genocide Jacky's plan of action was a 10 and a half hour flight from Washington, D.C., a 14 hour flight from Las Vegas - to show her unwavering support for the war crimes of the Apartheid Israel state that were to come after October 7 (and had previously been committed as well) 20,000 dead as of December 20th - a full half of whom are toddlers and children.  Such is her fanatical support of this murderous regime led by Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, a genocidal, murderous fanatic from another period in time - whom she met with to deliver to him her blessings and the blessings of Zionist President Joseph Robinette Biden to go forward with US support for mass murder of innocent Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. 

Jacky Rosen in war counsel with Genocidal Monster Zionist Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu 

Take notice of her 'purposeful positioning' in both photos - she's always on the side of the Israeli flag - not the country of her birth flag - the nation where she was elected to govern for the sole benefit of Americans - not the Zionists political agenda. 

There is some software used to prevent the lifting of this "specific guilty as sin" photo so I took a screenshot of it.

An American US Senator sitting in front of the Israeli Flag with the Israeli President Isaac Herzog - and rightly so, that's the nation she represents so it's right where she needs to be sitting. 

it's up to us here in Nevada to one-by-one dismiss at the ballot box American Zionists politicians like Jacky Rosen with their undying fealty to the murderous Apartheid Israeli state. That is the only method left to stop the support for the Zionist regime - she must be sent packing in November 2024.  She is a certified backbench do-nothing politician - who does no job that I can't do far better.  Demand that she debate me on all the issues of the Middle East, China, the Russian Federation, Iran - on down the line of critical foreign policy issues and you'll see first hand my qualifications for the job representing Nevada in the US senate.  What's assumed when one becomes a senator - in her case is that she knows things that she doesn't and they I don't know things that I do - so, the only method to get to the bottom of it is for her to debate me before the Nevada citizenry.       

What's not known or talked about is that Jacky Rosen when she was a congresswoman forwarded legislation to imprison any American for speaking out (#BDS) against the Israeli crimes against humanity by boycotting them. An American politician who wants to put an an American citizen in prison for 20 years for protesting the genocidal behavior of another nation?  That's unheard of and without constitutional merit of any kind - but that's the corrupt fanaticism housed in her beliefs -  beliefs better suited for a seat in the Israeli Knesset than a seat in our American Senate (for simplification of the bill scroll to "Legislative History").



My unwavering mission as a US Senator will be to get Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu before the International Criminal Court, put on trial for War Crimes, Crimes against Peace, Crimes against Humanity


Crime of Genocide – South Africa Officially Brings War Crimes Charges against Israel at ICC


South Africa's Appeal to The International Court of Justice



If the ICC can label President Vladimir Putin a war criminal for allegedly,"the unlawful deportation of population (children) and that of unlawful transfer of population (children) from occupied areas of Ukraine to the Russian Federation " - than Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is without a shadow of a doubt guilty of the murder of over 9,600 children 'thus far' murdered by the IDF in Gaza.   The genocidal actions of the IDF under his direction are intentional and applauded by the entire leadership of the Israeli government - they all need to be put on trial - reflective of the Nuremberg Trials, charged with the aforementioned crimes against our human family.  Bibi Netanyahu [along his entire cabinet for the matter] needs to die in Slobodan Milosevic's old prison cell.  


This mass murdering of innocent human beings has happened before.  In 1965-66, a mass murdering monster name general Haji Mohammad Suharto, committed mass murder in Indonesia but was not punished by the world community - sadly he died in his bed at the age of 86. This war criminal killed - the estimates are in the millions - with the 100% backing and military support of our US government - in much the same way as it's now supporting the Israeli Apartheid regime (here) & (here).  In 1965, we had a Democrat president in LBJ who took our nation to war, a senseless murderous war in Southeast Asia (Vietnam,Laos and Cambodia) that also killed millions of innocent human beings - all while in Indonesia mass murder was being committed with the tacit support of the United States government in Suharto's fight against the boogeyman - the communists. 

I'm very proud to say at the tender age of 7 that I chanted along with the many war activists of the day, "Hey,hey, LBJ, how many kids you kill today?" .  
Now today, another democrat president, an admitted Zionist president, Joseph Robinette Biden, is complicit in another genocidal war against the innocent in West Asia.  Well, if you voted for him you elevated him to where he is to do what we are witnessing on social media, the wholesale slaughter of innocent Palestinians, half of whom are babies and children.  This time round, fix your mistake and not vote for him in November.  Don't let them use the fear of a Trump return to the presidency sway us Democrats into blood on your hands (up to your elbows).  Let's send Biden and Jacky Rosen into the private sector where they can't do further harm to our human family.  Both of them are as guilty of genocide as Bibi Netanyahu. 

I need your financial help to get the word out on social media platforms (Youtube, my own podcast,etc) so please donate (here)

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#GenocideJoe #GenocideJackyRosen #fromtherivertothesea #palestinewillbefree 

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