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My Opening Statement;

Warning: If you are a Black or Brown Nevadan don't allow yourselves to be beguiled or bullied back into a dangerous work environment. Black and brown people across this nation are the ones doing most of the dying from COVID-19 pandemic.  As of Oct. 16. 2020, there are over 220,000 dead Americans - the majority of them are POC.  The so-called, "herd immunity" sought after for 330 million Americans is an insult to common sense - you can't obtain herd immunity  with 1/3 of a billion people.   Stay home, stay safe. 

 #BernieSanders2020 or Bust - period.
I'm a,"dyed in the wool" Democratic-Socialist, I personally wouldn't vote for Biden/Harris to be elected first assistant part-time dog catchers of Esmeralda County if such an elected position existed.

This will be my forth run for public office since 2014. I've faired as well as can be expected having raised very little money each time. The people I seek to represent, people trying to make a dollar out of a dime - they don't have any money to donate. In politics, without serious money to reach those you seek to represent you're dead in the water.  

And, be reminded, Bernie Sanders ran for public office 5 times before he was elected Mayor of Burlington (Governor of Vermont 3 times and for the U.S. Senate 2 times). 




5/30/2020 UPDATE: The George Floyd National Protests - I was Black Lives Matter back in 2014,I tried my hardest to start a chapter here in Las Vegas - to no avail scroll thru this 2016 article to last sentence



This news story circulated around the world............this is how black and brown people living in a state of homelessness are treated in Las Vegas, Nevada.  


These events are precisely why a "cabinet level position" is needed:

Here is the latest on the devastation that COVID-19 is doing to black America.  Black people always end up with the worst of everything bad that happens in America through governmental neglect, yet, black leadership are slow to bring it to the public's attention - if at all, well, I won't be that black politician.
Why is it [that] black, brown, Native Americans and Asians are always the first to do the the dying in situations like this?    
I'll take to the floor of the Senate in a pico-second to bring whatever I feel needs to be bought to the attention of the American people regarding how black America is being neglected, abused by failed government policies once more.  If you think Senator Catherine Cortez-Masto cares two-cents about black America - POC in general - just take a walk through CD#1 in particular and you'll have all your questions answered, you'll see her purposeful, monumental incompetence with your own eyes.

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