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Whiteness:  The total inability to respect the humanity of non-white human beings. It [whiteness] houses a profound historical need to besmirch POC at each and every turn - as witnessed at the highest level of government during the senate confirmation hearings for Ketanji Brown Jackson (March 2022).

Pushout: The Criminalization of Black Girls in Schools

The battle against reparations is deeply rooted in the culprits, namely,those who owe recompense.  
There is a Senate bill sponsored in 2019 by Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey -   S.1083 that has 20 senate cosponsors. Is our own Nevada senator Catherine Cortez-Masto one of the cosponsors, NO, see, Catherine Cortez-Masto doesn't think that black people are deserving of reparations as far as she's concerned. I'm not at all surprised, you shouldn't be either. 

The Republic called, The United States of America, was NEVER great for Native American or Black people - ever.  The notion is insulting that it was ever great for either. 

Many are some of the most influential/powerful businesses,universities and individuals on the planet - not just in America that had a hand in the slave trade.  Slavery was a crime against humanity that stretched across the globe involving every major Occident nation on earth, our nation just happens to rank number #1 in its centuries of inhumanity done to black people. 
The fight against reparations is about protecting legacies (supposedly their good names) and more importantly - the wealth made from slavery by their immoral descendants that they themselves - centuries later - are living in luxury from.  Names like DuPont, RooseveltArmfield are but 3 of the American families... I won't bother to post the list of names, as it would go out the door and round the block several times. I'll just tell you that they are all to be presented with the collective bill - families, corporations, universities and nations.   And in regards to our Native American sisters & brothers the genocide against them, well, there are no words in the human language that can express what was taken from them (quite literally everything).  They're to be first in line regarding recompense ($14 Trillion in total recompense).   


It should be noted that Senator Catherine Cortez-Masto sits on the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs and hasn't introduced a single piece of quality legislation regarding the health, safety or fiscal betterment of our nations Native American populace.  Here is some very good news regarding our Native American sisters & brothers - but, the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step (here). And believe me, Senator Cortez-Masto had ZERO to do with this happening - zero.

Without reparative justice in the form of reparations, Black Americans will be another two and a half centuries from fiscal parity with other white Americans.  Please review the links to obtain a more perfect vision of the realities of black life in our American republic herehere & here.  Absolutely disgraceful.  

Among my very first legislative actions: Reparations Act of 2023 - to mirror 

H.R.40 - Commission to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African Americans Act.  My legislation will include Native Americans. 


This COVID-19 pandemic has shown the need for a "cabinet level position" whose sole purpose is the protection of ethnic/national minorities in the United States and its territories (non-white people).

The destruction it's doing to communities of color (Native American, Black people in particular) is going to go down in the history books. (The Color of Covid-19

 What we are witnessing and will continue to witness for months, perhaps even years - is the disproportionate death rate of COVID-19 among the communities with people of color. And, if this virus makes its way onto our nations many Indian reservations the results will be catastrophic. On many reservations it's already happening.  The mistreatment of our Native American sisters and brothers by local, states & the federal government is unconscionable - bordering on genocidal The Osage Indian Murders   


This newly formed cabinet's very first tasks will be the manner in which long overdue financial reparations to Native & African Americans will take place ($500,000 to Native Americans with the exception being the "5 Civilized Tribes"  - who actively participated in the enslavement of black people - they're to receive nothing, zero & $500,000 to 45 million African Americans - approx. $25.25 Trillion US dollars - payment can take on many different forms -  E. g., local/state/federal/property 'tax holiday' - not just direct one-time payments).  Were it up to me, Native American communities - from coast to coast - would make Beverly Hills look like a RV park. What's been stolen from them no dollar amount could ever be affixed as adequate compensation.  


It is to be modeled after the Council of Europe's - Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities  - that went into full effect in Feb of 1998.  It's to be noted that our nation, the United States of America, a nation of which a full 1/3 of its inhabitants are national-minorities in every sense of the term have yet to sign on (here).  

In the American republic there are roughly 130 million people this cabinet level position will cover.

Native Americans (5.5 million)

African Americans (47.5 million)

Latino's (53 million)

Asian Americans (19 million)

Pacific Islanders (1.8 million)

Arab-Americans (3.7 million)


Encompassing all of the Americas - from Greenland to Chile (including all the island nations of the Caribbean) in the same manner as the FCNM covers, but, with criminal penalty level enforcement abilities - which is what's entirely lacking - as of now - with FCNM.

  Without criminal penalty enforcement powers - such organizations are just talk. 


In 1952, Germany entered into an agreement with the nation of Israel to pay billions in reparations to the estimated 500,000 Holocaust survivors that were resettled in Israel.  The equivalent of $14.8 billion dollars.  If Germany was forced to concede to their collective guilt as a nation and pay compensation for their crimes against the Jewish people, why then shouldn't the U.S. government who gave full legal consent to the trading in black human beings and the genocidal destruction of whole Native American communities for centuries not pay their descendants - "those that walk in the footsteps of" - compensation.  We're owed it, and I will go to Washington D.C. to collect on behalf of 5.5 million Native Americans and 47.5 million Black Americans. 

Information for every Nevada Essential Worker

 The Case for Reparations by Ta-Nehisi Coates


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