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Catherine Cortez-Masto's latest betrayal of the Latinx community is so blatantly political as to leave you shaking your head in disbelief.  Title 42 was Trump's purely racist policy that President Biden is rescinding.  She is against it now entirely to play to the bigots in Nevada that hate the Latinx community with a passion of deep purple. The problem with her duplicity is she's on record for supporting its removal on several occasions.  So, by her new position, she wouldn't be here as her paternal grandfather came here from Chihuahua, Mexico - what a betrayal.  An utterly spineless thing to do. In this article a LVRJ reporter exposes her duplicity in all of its nakedness (here).  She got it right the first time (rescinding Trump's order).  Senator Catherine Cortez-Masto is a politician with no sense of herself.

We Americans, along with the entire world's populace, watched in absolute horror ICE's treatment of undocumented migrates in their custody.  We watched Latino children being taken away from their mothers, human beings herded forcibly into living conditions not fit for pigs, we learned of Latino children & women being raped - in some cases by ICE employees, and even deaths, actual murders in custody.  In fact, there are Jewish activists comparing the detention of migrants in these facilities to the treatment of Jews by the Nazi's - and they'e 100% correct - it's exactly the same.

Senator Cortez-Masto's admonishments of this inhumanity (her few weak protests) her going to any of these detention centers and demanding she be let inside to witness the horror up close and personal - where is it - crickets.   And, just imagine had COVID-19 hit us just as they were being forced into these hell holes - imagine even now if COVID-19 gets inside?  And it has.   

ICE was established in 2002, and in its brief 18 year history (for a government agency) it has grown to over half the size of the FBI - which has been in existence for over 111 years.  Anyone with an ounce of common sense knows that you can't have any gun culture of this size functioning without a boss - a director, yet, ICE had gone without and "Actual Director " for the last 2 years.  It's had only "acting directors" not a permanent one in all that time.  Well, in the 111 year history of the FBI they've never, ever had an "Acting Director" more than 3 months before a permanent director was seated. 


To be clear, I believe ICE should be abolished, dismantled and scattered to the winds - it's a collection of predominantly white people who house a deep racial hatred of the Latinx community - who live to act out on that hatred.  As it stands, had ICE had a seated director at the time this first started the human rights abuses we all witnessed (and ones we didn't) would have been harder to have taken place and we'd have someone specifically to blame for their criminal behaviors.   All gun culture apparatus' need vigilant, day to day oversight, otherwise they're policing themselves - which is a formula for disaster.    

Senator Cortez-Masto should have insisted on there being a permanent director in place, having had an advance warning of Trump's immoral immigration policy.  Trump told us in advance.  She has been a complete failure in her oversight duties in this regard.  She's responsible for ICE not having a director appointed, that's her Senate duty - to seat a director should have been her number one priority.   But, Cat Masto is a back bench do-nothing, that just phones all her homework in, she just sits with her head in her hands waiting for marching orders from the leadership and then she shows up to vote as she's instructed to do. 

She is the quintessential failure of leadership that is all too common in our current Democratic Party representatives of the last 30 years.  In fact, how many Nevadans even know anything tangible about Cat Masto?  That's testament to how entirely irreverent Catherine Cortez-Masto is as a legislator. 

6 years of complete and total legislative [purposeful] failures by Senator Cortez-Masto on every level imaginable - review each link below - all of the documented proofs. 

She's in lockstep with Trump confirming his Federalist Society [ultra-right wing judges] to the Federal Courts. 

Cat Masto's vile hatred of our LGBTQIA human family members

Say, "No Mas, No Masto" if you want to keep a roof over your head and that of your family

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