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The Israeli state literally murdered their way to becoming a nation. 

As is so often the case these Zionists will wave the Balfour Declaration because it gives them their justification that they need for their current existence - but in history prior events established a more perfect vision of what they or any nation-state were allowed to do that they [zionists] shouldn't have been able to do, by force.

There isn't a 'project' (what zionism - lowercase - is - a 'project') a polity is the history of our human family as vile - morally reprehensible as zionism.  Let it be known that's what Allen Rheinhart thinks of the project that is the zionist project.  

After reading please consider donating  - from any place on earth - so that I can get the word out by way of a new YouTube channel and a personal podcast to expose ardent Zionist US Senator Jacky Rosen - who flew to Israel to attend a face-to-face war council with war criminal BiBi Netanyahu.  She thinks that between now and next November this will all be swept under the rug - will the mass murder of so many innocent Palestinians be swept under the rug?  I will continue via every method available to expose her between now and the November election where I will be on the ballot.   I understand the fear many people have of being labeled an antisemite (fired) so there is a way to donate directly to me - the only person with access to your name is myself (here).  

This is the King David Hotel after it was bombed on July 22 1946 by Zionists terrorists killing 91 people - some of those murdered were of Jewish heritage as well.  From long before there was a state, their vile murderous agenda since day one was to obtain a state for Zionism - and how that came to be was a matter of complete indifference to them.  We as Americans - and all the peoples of the world need to reeducated ourselves as to how this murderous Apartheid state came into existence in 1948, to have a more perfect vision of why they continue along this murderous agenda of unfinished business in Palestine.  When you see their historical MO it becomes crystal clearer the why and how of it all - why they're so unrelenting in the murdering of anyone/anything that stands in their way of the complete removal of anyone that's not Zionists from Palestine. 


Their first recorded assassination of someone in disagreement with their violent Zionists ideology was of Jacob de Haan in 1924 - shot dead in Jerusalem by Haganah terrorists.  

In 1944 the Zionist terrorists "Stern Gang" (here) went to Egypt and assassinated the British minister of state, Walter Guinness,1st Baron Moyne.   Bombings and assassinations were the flavor they savored to obtain their goal of a zionist state.  And on September 17, 1948, Folke Bernadotte, the United Nations Security Council Mediator was assassinated by the Stern Gang zionists terrorists faction.   

So often the Balfour Declaration is sited by Israeli Zionists as proof of their legal rights to exist, but that's blatant fraud.  Balfour was but a memorandum written in 1917 - by Arthur Balfour,a christian Zionist himself - thinking aloud of the possibilities of a Jewish state in Palestine. 
However, when you closely examine The White Paper of 1939 - written by the British governing body of Mandatory Palestine at the time it forwards a far more comprehensive reality of the actual situation in Palestine some 22 years after Balfour's 1917 public letter.  The White Paper of 1939 called for the establishment of a Jewish national home in an "Independent Palestinian state" within 10 years.  It also limited Jewish immigration to 75,000 for five years and ruled that further immigration would then be determined by the Arab majority (section II).  Jews were restricted from buying Arab land in all but 5% of the Mandate (section III).  

There were other commissions by the British that talked of the partition of Palestine (Peel & Woodhead) but in the end were deemed unworkable because neither side would agree to either plan.  

There was never a plan by the Zionists to to live in peace alongside the indigenous population of Arabs who outnumbered them their Zionists plans were to not only take all of Palestine but to expand even further displacing other Arabs in the region (Transjordan). 

We have the Tantura Massacre in 1948 that went unpunished - so what would make anyone think that this murderous filth that the entire world is witnessing today in Gaza is something new from Zionists?  

These people crawled out of the goddamn sewer.  And to support them is to be complicit in their war crimes, ethnic cleansing, crimes against peace, and crimes against humanity.  How can the purposeful murdering of babies/children (8,000 thus far) by any nation not be reviled by all of humanity?   Hamas is talking to murderers in the language of murderers - for any of us to make pretense at being shocked by the "hate that hate produced "is to be naive to the point of childishness. 

All of Gaza is an open air prison - a concentration camp that human beings are housed in like animals and treated as if they're sub-human.  Put yourself there - inside of Gaza - and see how you'd respond to being treated like an animal.  To support the state of Israel after learning who they are means your morals are in the garbage with theirs - that you're as vile a human being as they are.  No human being with a shred of human decency would support such a people that have murdered babies/children by the thousands - period.       

As the evidence is compiled for war crimes charges, in the above video Israeli Prime Minister BiBi Netanyahu evokes the immoral morality of 3,000 years ago to commit mass murder. 

I'm asking Nevadans to send me to the US Senate to replace Israel's Zionist sycophant, Jacky Rosen.  I'll fix their lil red wagon - but good.  Not  another penny will they get to murder helpless human beings - not one more cent, not another weapons system - nothing.  They're to be regarded by all decent human beings as a pariah state.    (Please Donate so that I can spread this information far and wide)

Ardent Zionist Nevada US Senator Jacky Rosen in War Crimes Council with War Criminal Bibi Netanyahu


Part 1 - Israeli Zionists deep hatred for Christians.



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