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                                                                  The most essential workers are the lowest paid. 

Across the nation there are countless Americans risking their lives and the lives of their families daily, to see to it that those of us in isolation are kept alive and well.  The front-line doctors and nursing are to be commended for their many daily sacrifices - many of whom have fallen sick themselves and many have died treating patients with COVID-19. And, just as they're risking life and limb daily - many are being compensated outside of their regular salaries.  Registered Nurses are being asked to come to many states across the country with offers of $10,000 a week plus housing

If by the time I get to the congress, no one else in the Congress sponsors a bill to have every front-line worker risking that same life and limb to be given hazard pay [compensation] I certainly will sponsor the bill on the instant.  We know that the majority of front-line workers are black and brown people - whose lives are no less valuable - and are the first to die from COVID-19........from grocery clerks, migrant workers in the fields, food deliverers, those migrants workers in the meat factories keeping us fed - to sanitation workers keeping us from being sickened by overflowing trash - and all those essential workers in-between - too numerous to name, many are working without the necessary PPE's to protect themselves from deadly COVID-19. 

If you're working on a job and you haven't been laid off/furloughed, you're an essential worker of one kind or another and this legislation will see to it you're compensated for risking your lives for the benefit of us all (I'll propose $25,000 each if elected to the 117th Congress).   We owe you all a debt of deeper gratitude than a mere, 'Thank You' - and I'll go to congress on your behalf to make sure that you get it.  

According to the Department of Homeland Security these are the people who are "Essential Workers";


  • Food and Agriculture  
    • Those working in a grocery store, pharmacy, some restaurant workers, farmers, food processing workers, food truck delivery drivers, company cafeterias, and the food and beverage industries.
    • Transportation 
      • Those in the areas of aviation, air-traffic, dispatchers, warehouse workers, truck and rest stop employees, maritime, mass transit, freight, and postal.
  • Paramedics, emergency medical technicians, and 911 call center workers.
  • Chemical Section 
    • Those working in laboratories, pharmaceuticals, distribution facilities, transportation of raw chemical materials to producers of goods, and manufacturing plants.
  • Energy
    • Telecommunication, engineers, cyber-security, natural gas/propane workers and utility personnel.
  • Commercial Facilities  
    • Those in motion picture studios, broadcast media, motels, hotels, stadiums, zoos, museums, casinos, real estate, shopping malls, and professional sports.
  • Financial Services 
    • Employees residing in banks and other financial/lending offices.
  • Healthcare and Public Health 
  • Communications/ Information Technology 
  • Critical Manufacturing 
    • Those who manufacture products for any of the 16 Critical Infrastructure Sectors.
  • Government Facilities
  • Dams
  • Nuclear Reactors, Materials, and Waste 
    • Transportation Those in the areas of aviation, air-traffic, dispatchers, warehouse workers, truck and rest stop employees, maritime, mass transit, freight, and postal.
  • Water and Wastewater 
  • Defense Industrial Base 
    • Those supporting the U.S. military via manufacturing, production, IT, security, intelligence, mechanics, engineers, and intelligence support.

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