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Cat[herine] on a Hot Tin Roof

"Until this moment, Senator, I think I never really gauged your cruelty or your recklessness....have you no sense of decency?"      - Boston lawyer Joseph Welch to Senator Joe McCarthy.

Senator Catherine Cortez-Masto's position on same-sex marriage takes the grand prize for utter vulgarity from an elected official. 

Do you consider Same-Sex Marriage the same as the vileness of Incest (and Bigamy)?

Well, Catherine Cortez-Masto sure as hell does.  Quoting from this 2014 article, when she was Nevada's Attorney General:

"In a 55-page brief filed in support of Nevada's anti–marriage equality law, the state's Democratic attorney general claims "marriage is not" for bigamy, incest, or same-sex couples." 

Nevada attorney general Catherine Cortez-Masto filed the brief Thursday at the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, which is currently considering whether to uphold Nevada's constitutional amendment that prohibits same-sex marriage in a case known as Sevcik v. Sandoval, reports the Washington Blade

We've come to expect this brand of filth from Republicans over the decades (what do you expect from pigs but a grunt) but, to have a Democrat woman utter such filth makes your skin crawl. 

There is a saying that, "a drunk man says what a sober man is thinking" - well, it applies to women, too and Cat Masto was perfectly sober personally penning these 55 pages of morally reprehensible garbage in defense of Nevada's [then] ban on Same-Sex Marriages.

She went well beyond the normal vile troupes on the subject down to a new level of utter vileness. 

For the chief law enforcement officer of the state (the Attorney General) to make such a statement and be willing to go into court to enforce it is to give patent to offend - it can easily perpetrate violence towards LGBTQIA human beings - by saying she believes such unions between same-sex couples are as vulgar a crime as incest.   It's an unconscionable position for someone in law enforcement to take knowing full well that such talk will lead homophobic bad actors to act out -badly, oft-times with deadly results.  

Don't allow her to hide behind femininity, motherhood (or worse - sisterhood) and be given a free pass that wouldn't be given to a man of any political persuasion that had said the same and planned to go into a Nevada courtroom - as the State Attorney General of Nevada - with this filth as their position. 

No dyed-in-the-wool-Democrat would ever think something this vile of their human family members love for one another as to call their desires to finalize their union as two human beings in love as "incest?"   When politicians can spew filth like this and get away with it, when it's shined on by society, who knows what shit they'll peddle for truth down the road. 

Unless you believe as she does that Same-Sex Marriage is the same as incest, show Catherine Cortez-Masto's sorry ass the door. Real talk.  She masquerades as a Progressive when she's the exact opposite.  There is a saying, "Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me."

Cat Masto thinks Nevada Democrats are the same poorly informed - or outright dumb ass West Virginia Democrats that hired the likes of Joe Machin's sorry ass to represent them in the Senate.

"Like An Ignorant Easter Suit" - Jean Michel Basquiat 

Are we?    


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