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 Black Box Voting 

As of 6:42 am - 6/10/2020 - there are no votes posted on the Nevada's Secretary of State website.  

 It didn't take 11 hours to count the entire nation's votes - millions of them - by hand in the 1950's. How could it take 11 hours to count 248,000 votes here in Nevada? 

Two brief things I'd like to say. One professional (politics) the other personal.

 First thanks to all those who showed me the greatest support - thank you very much.  



The Dominion/ES&S E voting systems that are used here in Nevada have been flipping the votes of Nevada voters since their arrival in 2002 - the very same year as the, "Help American Vote Act"/ "HAVA Act" - courtesy of [then] Secretary of State, Dean Heller (whom those machines thanked and made him US senator for Nevada shortly thereafter). 

Over the years they've told the implausible in our elections time and time again.  What I speak of is called, Black box voting.

I first became aware in 2014 when I ran for governor. The Dominion E-voting machines gave the majority of the votes in that primary to an 80 year old man (Bob Goodman) who didn't live in Nevada, who came back to the US from his home in the Philippines (illegal in itself) at the behest of the perpetrators of this fraud -  Goodman could barely hear you at 3 feet, he could barely walk unassisted, and told those of us in the race with him that all he wanted was to come in 2nd for his political legacy.

Without a doubt he was in on it with them - I  and several others in that primary tried to get the MSM and the federal government to look into it, to no avail.  One check of his passport would have told he hadn't lived in the US for nearly a decade when he filed to run. Then, to avoid jail at his age, he'd have given them the names of who put him up to it.  

Your votes will not 'ever' be counted correctly by these machines - period.  They will apply the votes to the incumbents and whomever they want to be in second place - preferably the weakest candidate in the race will be placed 2nd to end the political career of any up and comer(s).   

These Dominion E-voting machines have done this to me 4 times now and to Rick Shepard (a progressive with the intellectual skill-set to sit in 'any' position in national government) placing him 3rd & 4th in consecutive races (Congressional District #2).   I personally would 'never'  consider running again - not until these E-voting machines are gone from the process, having given over 10 years of my life to politics to better the lives of working class Nevadans - only to be defrauded by rigged voting machines.

 These Dominion E-voting machines are the exact same machines (in 2008 they were called, "Sequoia") that [then] California Secretary of State, Debra Bowen removed from California's voting process in 2008 (after having paid $450 million dollars for them - "Sequoia (Dominion) AVC Edge" ) when world class computer scientists showed her how easy it was to hack into the machines from outside and flip the votes to whatever candidate they wanted.   After she was given the proof she removed the machines permanently.  You'd think knowing this that all other nation's Secretary of State's would have followed in kind, but they didn't.   These are the very same machines the gave Chuck Hagel the US senate - in all black districts of Nebraska.   

When asked afterwards by reporters why so many black Nebraskans voted for an arch-conservative Republican, black people in those districts were dumbfounded, saying they'd never voted Republican in their lives and didn't even know who Hagel was, much less voted for him to the tune of 87%.   So embarrassed by the fraud (and knowing this massive fraud would be exposed), Hagel didn't run for a second term.

Knowing this would know doubt happen again, I'd intended to create an app to track the votes outside of the E-voting machines processes so that Nevadans could get an idea of what actually happened, as opposed to what they told you happened.   But, along came COIVD-19 that got me (March 10th) and millions of others, so there was no way to do that having raised no money at all - from people who had no money to donate (34% unemployment in Las Vegas Valley).

  The American government of today is identical to the Soviet [USSR] government of yesterday - it is wounded past all surgery and needs to collapse as the USSR did in 1991 - it's not a democratic government at all - it's just a collection of places joined together by common borders, overflowing with hate filled racists white people that hate their own non-white countrymen/women with a passion of deep purple.   

Whomever is behind this would have you believe that in this highly charged political climate of COVID-19 and George Floyd Protests going on around the world, that Nevada Democrats didn't care that one candidate, my opponent, Dina Titus comes from a background of virulent ethnic hatred/racism that goes back post-Civil War - that is so outrageously ugly as to leave you staggering - and that she [Dina Titus] may have possibly committed murder herself killing a black man, to a corrupt Congresswoman Susie Lee who has steered millions of dollars from the first $2 trillion dollars stimulus bill to her own husband's company - to another incumbent, Steven Horsford who carried on a relationship with an intern type for 10 years (she's the one who know of). They want you to be believe that knowing all this, Nevada Democrats didn't care and voted for the (3) three of them anyway. These Dominion E-voting machines have told Nevadans time after time that initiatives on the ballot over the years failed that exponentially benefited the people - that intelligent Democrats actually said, "not, give us the worse verse of the initiative - we prefer misery."  Think back on many of the initiatives you voted on that failed that made no sense at the time - that's why it failed - because it actually didn't fail - the votes where flipped to make it fail - "manufactured consent." 




On a personal level, I've given my own money to this (about $80,000) and lost a relationship (a weak one to begin with so no great loss), disconnected from friends and family for extended periods...and worst of all my heath deteriorated badly.  Because each time I ran I precluded going to the gym as I've done all my life (to say so myself, I'm one of the finest 'all natural' bodybuilders on earth) hence my body falls into disrepair each time.  I currently look like a shell of myself of April, 2019 - but, now I'll get me back and this time I'll keep me healthy til the curtain closes.  Likewise, I've put down painting/sculpting, writing, finishing up my screenplays (one about the Armenian Genocide and other is about the de Acosta Sisters) I'll get back to work on them soon.

So, I'm on it now, as of today, I'm turning over a new leaf.  Back to life, back to reality, away from all the vile ugliness's that make up American politics - it's so not worthy of me anyway.  I'm too moral a person to be in that amoral cesspool - I just wanted to better the lives of people like the people I've known - those good people trying their bests to build a better life for themselves and those they love.  It was a noble dream, so I don't regret it at all. I have a fine [eidetic] mind, henceforth, unless something changes with these E-voting machines, I'm gonna go put it to use for something far more constructive.  

A bunch of bastard coated bastards, with bastard filling is most of what's in the political realm - "The Squad" excluded - they try really hard, so, much thanks to them. 

There is a street saying, 'a man can't fool, with the golden rule - in a crowd that don't play fair.'

   Oh so true.  I implore you to educate yourselves to this issue because democracy dies in the darkness

"Knowledge, will forever govern ignorance. And, a people, who mean to be their own governors - must arm themselves with the strength that knowledge gives."  - Human trafficker and 40th President of the United States, James Madison 



This is a email I wrote to the SOS HAVA person......this is his replay to my questions. 

---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: Jacob J. Roberts <>
Date: Tue, Jun 9, 2020, 12:33 PM
Subject: RE: FW: 2nd Inquiry : Can you elaborate on the vote tabulation process?
To: <>


Hi there, please see my responses below.


Jacob Roberts

HAVA Program Officer II

Office of Secretary of State Barbara K. Cegavske

101 N. Carson St. Suite 3

Carson City, NV 89701



From: Allen Rheinhart <>
Sent: Tuesday, June 9, 2020 12:12 PM
To: SOS Elections Division <>
Subject: 2nd Inquiry : Can you elaborate on the vote tabulation process?


Allen Rheinhart

Democratic-Socialist Candidate for Congress - CD1 - Nevada, 2020



Can you clarify how the tabulation process works?  

(a) The counties started tabulating results a few days ago. After the polls close tonight at 7pm they can begin sending us their results files. We will begin updating our ENR website ( around 8:00pm. The sight will be updated until midnight tonight, then will be updated daily at 9am starting on Thursday, June 11th.


And, are the Dominion E-Voting Machines in any way involved in that final tabulation process? 

(a) Voting machines and tabulation equipment are two different things. Washoe County is the only county in Nevada using actual voting machines this election and those are Dominion machines. All counties use Dominion tabulation equipment, except for Carson City who uses tabulating equipment from Elections Systems and Software. All counties (except Carson City) use off the shelf Cannon scanners for scanning paper ballots.


Will you post the spoilage numbers (how many ballots were disqualified for whatever reasons -- including provisional ballots from walk in's)?  

(a) Yes Provisional Ballot info will be made available as early as the 17th, but will probably not be complete until the 19th.


And lastly, by what date do you estimate having a final tally of all the voters statewide?  

(a) June 19th.


See the linked press release for more info.



Committee to Elect Allen Rheinhart
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