As of May 27, 2014, this website has been hacked into 17 times by the Bunkerville, Nevada, Rancher Cliven Bundy's faction.  They will either juxtapose text or link this website to  Not to mention the race hate emails and text messages they send at all hours of the night.  No worries, this isn't bean bag -- all of it comes with running for public office.      

They will find that not only is my skin black, it's really, really thick.  


With your vote I will be Governor to the 99%, not the 1% 

Learn the power of Alinsky's book. The Tea Party became who they are today by reading it.  My father gave it to me to read in 1971, the year it was published.


When you get to the bottom after watching the short Huey Long video,  please click on the links at the top of the page ("issues"). 




Hello and welcome fellow Nevadans.  I will be adding more content to this website on the "Issues" page over the next few days and it will be a labor of love. For now, I say...

If  the Democratic Party Nevadans come out and exercise their civic responsibility to our Party, ourselves and our families then Governor Brian Sandoval will be looking for work on November 5, 2014.

Together we can send this God-awful governor back into the private sector where he belongs. Brian Sandoval is a walkin', talkin', Ronald Reagan/Paul Laxalt clone. For all the good he's done us, as Democratic Party Nevadans, he could have phoned it in. 

On November 4, 2014, we're going to kick Brian Sandoval curb-side and we have the numbers to do it. There are 104,000 more registered Democratic voters than there are registered Republican voters in Nevada as of April 4th, 2014. No amount of money from the wallets of billionaires like Sheldon Adelson and the Wynn's can change that.  

On November 4, we're going to tell Brian Sandoval, "To the Left, to the Left, everything ya [once] owned - in the box to the Left."

"This is our Party, that's our stuff, yes we bought it, so please don't touch. Ya keep talkin' that [Republican] mess, that's fine, but could ya walk and talk at the same time?"

"You must not know about "We the People"............We could have a better you in November...............You ain't irreplaceable or unbeatable." 

Tell it walkin' Brian, tell it walkin'.......

Below is a speech given by a great American Governor, Huey Pierce Long Jr.  He was Governor of Louisiana from 1928 to 1932, and then was elected US Senator in 1932.  It was Huey Long who pushed FDR to the political Left. If you listen to him, you will hear that all that has changed are the names, not the circumstances. Please keep in mind this was 1933-34 when the names were Morgan, Rockefeller and Mellon, now they are Buffett, Wynn, Adelson and Walmart.  These are just 4 money mongers of our generation taking more off of our American table than they're entitled to. 

Long was assassinated in 1935 before he could level the playing field.  I plan to level the playing field here in the state of Nevada for working class Nevadans.  I'm not even remotely concerned with the plight of billionaires climbing over one another vying to be the first trillionaire at the expense of everyday, hard working women and men.  

Right now, in our American republic, 400 Americans have more collective wealth than 150 million Americans.  And this massive income inequality is ok to who?   It's not ok to me and I'm sure it isn't ok to you either.  


email contact: &   

Phone: (702) 717-7753

8174 Las Vegas Blvd, Ste 109-380

Las Vegas, Nevada 89123


8174 Las Vegas Blvd, Ste 109-380

Las Vegas, Nevada 89123

Phone: (702) 717-7753

8174 Las Vegas Blvd, Ste 109-380

Las Vegas, Nevada 89123

Phone: (702) 717-7753



Click this link to Register to Vote, you must do so by May 20th or you will be locked out of voting even for the General Election in November, so do it right now.


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