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A "Universal Basic Income (UBI) or a Citizen's Income," is basically what's being begrudgingly given with this merger one-time $1,200 direct deposits from the Treasury by way of the IRS.  Were the Treasury to give every American a mere $1,500 a month (330 million people) the cost would be approx. $495 billion dollars.  Nearly all of which would go right back into the local economy - very little would be saved.  

It's a pittance ($1,200), far too little to cover your current needs throughout this COVID-19 pandemic that has killed tens of thousands around the world and will continue to kill tens of thousands more.  Here in Nevada we're witnessing in CD#1 lines of cars that stretch 4 miles long for food baskets - something most Nevadans would have never imagines for themselves.     

UBI is but one of the many tenets of Democratic-Socialism introduced long ago by the likes of Eugene Debs and Norman Thomas, both of whom ran for President of the United States - Thomas ran six times.  The video below by [then] president FDR - in 1944 - proposing a [second] Bill of Rights, is directly borrowed from the Socialist Party manifesto of the era. 

What real help is a one-time $1,200 check going to do Nevadans if this pandemic drags on into June, July, August and longer?   The rush to get people back to work and your need for money to survive will force millions into risking their lives going back into environments that are little more than Petri dishes for COVID-19. Sure death to follow.

What needs to be implemented are continuous funds to allow for every American to simply stay put, indoors and out of harm's way until we get a handle on this madness. 

Every American should have enough to pay the rent, feed themselves and their family throughout this worldwide pandemic.  A national moratorium on rent & mortgage payments (as well as power bills) should be implemented by the Congress as well until each American has the wherewithal to pay these obligations.  In CD#1 over 50% of the people in the district are renters - well, who is your landlord planning to move in after evicting you for not being able to pay the rent?   What fictitious person is there waiting in the wings with rent money to move in after you're evicted?  We're all in the same boat.  It's insulting to common sense that management would posts eviction notices in the first place - there is no one to move in and they know it - it's just mean and vindictive behavior. 

The Bill in the House (below) was sponsored by an absolutely magnificent champion of the people, Congresswoman Rashida Tliab - of Michigan's 13th Congressional District (Detroit) to provide payments (a #UBI) to Americans throughout this crisis - but, where is Congresswoman Dina Titus name as a co-sponsor of this common sense legislation?   It's no place to be found, that's where it is - and she's supposed to represent us, a district of unemployed & front-line, black & brown workers - the very people Congresswoman Tliab is referring to?
It's unconscionable that Dina Titus didn't sign onto this - on day one of its introduction.
And, like Michigan's 13th District (Detroit), Nevada's Congressional District #1 is the poorest in the state, it's where the majority of those in the crippling state of homelessness spend their days. Both states congressional districts share a similar population (705,000 plus) comprised of the very same demographics - a majority black & brown people who've been neglected by their local,state & federal government for ages.
What Dina Titus is depending upon is the political ignorance and that the people of the district are otherwise occupied with just surviving the madness of COVID-19.   Plus, her many billionaire campaign donors ( 9 at least) would look unkindly on her providing a safety net to people [that] they want, need to walk back into death traps of #COVID19 like lab rats because those millions of people desperately need a way to feed themselves and their families. And, why hasn't Dina Titus denounced Mayor Goodman's imbecilic statements on re-opening Nevada.   Nevada's statewide death rate - as of April 25 - is as high as states with 2 million more people in them such as the states of South Carolina & Minnesota - in fact higher in the case of Minnesota.  
 I know that the Democratic Party voters of Titus' district don't know all this about her horrid behavior - when you click on the link below, you will see that there are 62 names on the list (in alphabetical order) Congresswoman Dina Titus' name is no place to be found as on 04/25/2020.  When this is known the citizens of CD#1, will have had enough of her to finally wash their hands of Dina Titus - once and for all. 
The bottom line is the person representing the citizens of CD#1- a district of 80% black and brown people should look like the district. (this link has been in cyberspace for 14 years now - if even half of it is true, Dina Titus has some serious explaining to do).  The Titus Family Tree


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