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Allen Rheinhart
Democratic-Socialist Candidate for Congress - CD1 - Nevada, 2020 

The most disingenuous character ever to run for governor of Nevada 

* Some of the very worst racists cops who've murdered unarmed, defenseless black men have been right here in Las Vegas, Nevada.  I will forward to a Nevada Grand Jury (for indictments) each and every previous failure to indict for murder by our DA and State Attorney General, of "any" unarmed human being by a Las Vegas cop in the past 30 years - in much the same fashion as any cold cases murder(s) from decades earlier - there is no statute of limitations on murder.*  and of all the people walking planet earth for any rational minded human being to give a pico-second of thought to electing a cop to be governor of an American state in the era of the George Floyd protests against their collective murderous criminality against POC - black people in particular (with a sock puppet underling running as his replacement) I have no idea where your mind is.  LVMP will be murdering black people with impunity knowing they have - even if indicted, found guilty and given life in prison by a jury, they'll have a governor to pardon them.  His running is his deep contempt for what we all witnessed during the George Floyd protests - that's his primary motivation. 


American cop culture is irretrievable from the sewer - inside of cop culture they call the violent murders of a black/brown person, "misdemeanor murders" - not really murders at all.   In the immediate interim, until we've dis-established LVMPD entirely - as Congressman for CD#1, I will wreak havoc on their funds on the federal level - they won't have enough money to buy a tank of gas when I'm finished.  Here is what a freshman congresswoman, Ilhan Omar - was able to get done behind the scenes in Minneapolis  -  all it takes is the political will and it's done.   

In all reality, such murderous behavior should be expected from a culture of men/women prone to self homicide.   An American cop is far more likely to take his/her own life than to die on the streets of America at the hands of a violent criminal.   My dad once told me that if one does a job that offends three of  their five senses in a day, that the person should consider another line of work before they're a complete mental/moral wreck - well cop culture offends all five senses - daily. 

We're witnessing their very poor impulse control nightly, There is a YouTube video of a cop in Salt Lake City batter a [white] man probably in his late 70's/early 80's who was just standing there with his back turned (the elderly man was wearing a black shirt - perhaps the mere presence of anything black was enough). 

The vast majority come from the ranks of the broken (homes) they just don't wear the outward signs of being severely internally broken people - but that's who makes up the ranks of American cops - of all ethnic groups.  To be suicidal is to be homicidal in a culture that refuses to reach out for help. 

If this Las Vegas cop in the article above thought this little of himself, his wife and his own 5 year old son, what do you think he thought of total stranger's lives all these years he'd walked out the house headed to work?  

There comes a point when a structure - let's say a house - can be so badly damaged from a hurricane or tornado, mold or ravaged by termite infestations that the best thing to do is to knock the structure down and rebuild. 
Such is the case of American "cop culture" (to call it law enforcement is insulting). There have been multi-million dollar California mansions that were so mold infested as to make the house unlivable, a sick house and to stay in it is to be further sickened by it - that's where we are as a nation right now in regards to cop culture in the republic.  It's a deeply racially corrupt culture that is incapable of fixing itself - and was birthed corrupt.   
Ours is a nation so deeply ensconced in the race hatred of 400 years that we've normalized it to the point that one group - the racists white group - violently preys upon the other group - the black (and brown) group - and it's excepted as the normal events of the day by every American.  It's our national sickness that we've trained ourselves to be so incredibly thick skinned to ethnic hatred "American style."  Well, that thick skin, is now turning very thin on the part of black people.   
I'm not sure of the exact numbers but I believe there are approx. 1.2 million cops in America. What we need to do is remove ALL OF THEM and start all over again.  If that means bringing in the National Guard to patrol our streets - if it takes us 20 years to establish a 'credible', so called, national law enforcement apparatus, then so be it.  It's taken far longer to get to this point of national rot.
From its birth on the Eastern Coast of America, the intent of a nationwide organized police apparatus was to violently police the newly freed ex-enslaved blacks who'd certainly be out for revenge for slavery - such was the thinking of the white population of the day - that lives on inside cop culture of 2020.
The Philadelphia Police are the oldest in the nation - founded in 1751.  I went to an all white school (A.S.Jenks) in Philadelphia, in 1967, I was one of only 4 blacks in the school.  Many of the kids (mostly Italian and Irish)  had entire families who were in civil service jobs, cops, fire department, kid whose dad was a cop (a captain) once told me that his dad told him, 'son, my job is to keep the lid on the trash can - and the blacks were the trash inside of that trash can'............a deep racism inside of cop culture is a qualifier for the job - not a dis-qualifier.
There was this black cop that went on a killing spree after being fired by LAPD (Christopher Dorner) who posted a manifesto on-line - in that manifesto he told of a white cop who openly called black people,, tell me what job on planet earth could you walk into the workplace and call black people niggers and still be employed there 10 mins later - only inside of cop culture.
Dorner gives us all a look inside of this deeply racist apparatus. 
They have been known to get on the internet, in cop-to-cop chats rooms and circulate the vilest of ethnic hatred materials about non-white people - even their supervisors join in on this evilness. Don't allow yourselves to be lulled into complacency by all the tactics you're watching from them (kneeling and asking you to pray with them, taking a knee - now that one has to boil their bloods to be forced to do - you know it's fake to its core) are now being directed by many of the Intel agency's telling them how to quell an organic uprising, having fermented enough internal strife in other nations themselves. It's a ruse.  
 Racism is a qualifier to be an American cop (I won't bother delving into the non-whites inside of cop culture and their own internal architecture of very deep self loathing - hating the skin they are stuck inside of to work in such a deeply racist cesspool - it takes self hatred to new lows - ). 



The Late Great Fannie Lou Hamer speaks so eloquently of the socioeconomic terrorism perpetrated against black people - then - and now. 


Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department have been murdering unarmed black men for a very, very long time and getting away with it.  LVMPD's ilk are every bit as bad as the worst acts of racists, murdering cops anywhere in the republic.  They are every bit as vile as the Minneapolis murdering cops (not just the one cop btw, all 4 had a hand in George Floyd's videotaped murder - to only hold one person responsible highlights the problem within DA culture) and it will continue unabated unless federal, cabinet level (established by the president) restructuring is implemented ASAP.
Currently, the reasons as to why they are so bold as to murder a black person on video is they have something called"qualified immunity" implemented to protect criminality inside of a government apparatus. 
LVMPD had a squad of murderous racists that vulgarly called themselves, BDRT - "Baby Daddy Removal Team" that had killed at least one person prior to being disbanded.  When this information surfaced in the public square (the clear intent of their mission that's made clear by the choice of the name they'd picked for themselves) they shape-shifted into, oh, no, it was just initials, you'all misunderstood, BDRT stands for, "Big Dogs Roll Together."

There is a deeply corrupt cross pollination that goes on inside of cop culture between the DA's office, the cops and the courts (judges) that destroy any chance of justice for those blacks murdered by deeply racists cops in Las Vegas, Nevada (and around the country - as we're witnessing now with a DA's office initially telling Minnesotans that the cold blooded murder that we all saw with our own eyes of George Floyd - wasn't really what we saw).  Las Vegas has a lists of its own of murdered unarmed black men by racists cops - we don't need the video murder of George Floyd as our guild - it merely highlights the national problem, which is why  protests are spreading like a wildfire from city to city and world capitals.   

The racist rot rides inside of their black and white cars, but the virus of their ethnic hatred spreads into every corner of the apparatus - into of all places the courtrooms of the nation - where some blacks are buried alive by over-sentencing - which is as pressing an issue as the murders.   We as a society have allowed bad cops, DA's and judges to do what we only allowed bad doctors to do - they get to bury their mistakes - some in the ground, others inside of our nation human rights violating for-pay prison industrial complex.   

 See, what's transpired is the people with the law degree (the DA's, Judges) have surrendered over the law to the "Dunning-Kruger Effect" men and women with no law degree.  The hallmark of any democratic republic is it must house a 'credible' judiciary - without that, that nation is back in the trees with the chimps. 

I ask myself when I see DA'S and judges surrender their extensive legal education to those whose previous, full time employment (here in Las Vegas at least) was working for Republic Services (waste solutions) as a refuse hauler.  Clearly, they, too, think like that Philly cop that an expertise at handling trash houses a knowledge that escapes their 4 years of law school.  But, trash and people - are not synonymous.      

 LVMPD murdered a black man (I "believe" his name was Terrance Hall, the crime itself has been removed from the google archives as are all cop murders NATIONWIDE if you check back in a year or so after it happened) on the Las Vegas strip, on the second loudest night of the year - a July 4th - while riding in his own car for listening to rap music they didn't like - they shot him dead, dragged his body out of the car like refuse - and neither has done one day in jail (were they both belong).  
LVMPD once beat a French tourist to death inside of the downtown detention center - two of their ilk shot a handcuffed teenage boy in the back twice as he's alleged to have fled from them and the justification for his extra-judicial murder was [that] this 16 year old was going to flee - outrun both of them, and the entirely of LVMPD, un-cuff himself, and go kill the witnesses against him - likewise any cops that got in his way (allegedly his words to other people).
So, basically they're admitting that he (Swayve Lopez) was a 16 year old superman to them to be able outrun all of LVMPD and do all this he boasted of - that's why both cops shot him in the back -simultaneously.  I'd venture a guess that Usain Bolt couldn't outrun an ol' lady on a walker with his hands cuffed behind his back. A bullet in the back speaks hands down to murder-period. 

There is another cop inside of LVMPD that has murdered two unarmed black men in the exact same fashion - years apart - in their own apartment bathrooms, out of view, both were shot pointblank in the head with an assault rifle - while unarmed. 

So, you see, Las Vegas, Nevada has many George Floyd's of our own. 

I could go on (some of their crimes against humanity are in the article attached). These white racists cops in the article attached (below) are common criminals that need to die inside of a prison - help me get them there - there is no statute of limitations on murder.   
To be clear this institution that calls itself "American law enforcement" was never anything but the enforcement wing of white supremacy.  When it was established its mandate was to violently police the newly freed ex-enslaved blacks - and the mandate is alive and well.

J. Edgar Hoover Lives:

An off-duty, drunken [Irish] Philadelphia cop who patrolled the 9th district where I lived (whose Irish guilt had gotten the better of him upon seeing me - back when I was 12 years old - 1969) told me that J. Edgar Hoover issued instructions to every police department in America for ALL black men to be given a criminal record.  How else, who else, but racists would particulate in such an edict back then and participate in its continuance these many decades later. 
The FBI program known as COINTELPRO never went away - it merely metastasized into something far worse - from arrests, to out and out, cold blooded murders of black people - hell, they're so bad now, they don't care if they're being filmed committing murder - such is the level of internalized hatred that lives inside of white cop culture of black people - they have murdered a black woman (Korryn Gaines) with a baby in her arms (he was shot as well but survived) and she's not the only black woman brutally murdered by white racist cops. To even admit to such fears of a woman holding a baby is in itself cowardly.
Likewise, equally as cowardly is the murder of 110 lbs., 12 year old Tamir Rice - and a 107 year old black man name, Monroe Isadore - now, just imagine, a black man who lived 107 years - born in 1906 in Arkansas, only to be murdered by racists cops in his own home in the 2013.  Who but the deepest racists and a equally deeply racist system would protect such vile human beings for life in prison (actually they were given a award for it afterwards).    
 Clearly, there are way too many white cops in a nation of America's ethnic diversity.  It's too many white people inside of the entire apparatus called law enforcement - in a nation with 120 million or so non-white people.   All cops should look [ethnically] like the neighborhoods that they work in daily - ideally, having cops who were born and raised in the very section of the city they grew up in makes for common sense. 
 Currently/immediately, what's needed is a "cabinet level office" that stands independent of the Department of Justice, that will investigate ALL cop killings of unarmed citizens notwithstanding race. What we know is the ethnic/racial composition of the victimizers and the victims are always the same - white cop perpetrators, black victims both males and females.  Know that ZERO will be done about this until there is a stand alone, cabinet level position (established by the president) with enforcement powers whose function is not only to prosecute racists criminal cops, but to interdict racism inside of 'cop culture'/"law enforcement" by not only re-qualifying all 1.2 million cops in America, but to do background checks that go back to elementary school/the entire family's predisposition towards non-white people acquired from people who have known them/of them as neighbors, ex-employers, ex-teachers and friends. 
Racists whites have every legal right to be the vile racists slime [that] they are - but, what a civilized democracy should never allow is for racists to be inside of cop culture/their national law enforcement apparatus. 
 I know exactly how to begin fixing it, but, trying to fix their deep partnership that's career based between cops, DA's and judges is a monumental waste of time - that will never fix,  they'll only dig in their heels as we're all witnessed in the first days in the George Floyd case in Minnesota wherein the DA initially saw no crime in cold blooded murder.  Racism's vision is very different from the vision of healthy people.  The noxious lens through which it views humanity will forever explain away its own hatreds as something other than.  
I have a federal level fix, I just need to get to the 117th Congress as your representative for CD#1 to sponsor the legislation.  It's very detailed and designed to get each and every racists inside of cop culture out and start anew. 
My opponent,Congresswoman Dina Titus will NEVER do anything like this - her personal family tree would have black people hanging from it.  Racists whites who hail from backgrounds like her own will never fix their race hatred problems - it's simply beyond their capacity.
Dina Titus was born birthed/baptized into a deep racism of pre-Civil Rights era Georgia by ancestral tree that went into Central America (Nicaragua and Honduras) to bring slavery there, not being satisfied with slavery's successes in America.
 Racists in America have had 400 years to better themselves - but they refuse to, and [they] stand proud of their hatreds of non-white people.  Our state of Nevada, while it joined the union as a free state, it did a sharp turn into being a-semi-Confederate state in its political thinking in regards to newly freed ex-enslaved blacks. 
I'm running for the exact congressional seat that was once occupied for 10 years by a virulent racist name Frances Newlands who openly expressed his deep race hatred for black people (a hatred that got him elected Senator of 14 years). Nothing has changed in regards to the congressperson in CD#1 except the gender of the person - over a 100 years later.
I'll sponsor the legislation if you get me elected to restructure cop culture. I'll leave it there. 

Forgive me of any type-o's, this was typed with boiling blood. 

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