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There was this human trafficker, who became the 4th president of the republic.....he once said that, "Knowledge, will FOREVER govern ignorance - and [that] a people who mean to be their own governors - must arm themselves with the strength that knowledge gives"...

I'll let you do your homework on who he was.....

Do you know the absolutely political absurdity of myself or ANY real Berniecrat candidate losing their race?   In my case it's against a stanch neo-liberal, ardent Joe Biden supporting candidate in Congresswoman Dina Titus.  If you all supported Bernie Sanders, in particular to the degree done here in Nevada - he won hands down, it wasn't even a contest here - then, how can his down ticket candidates lose-at all?  How is that even possible unless you folks didn't do your jobs?  

 Tell me, how was he [Bernie] supposed to forward his revolutionary legislative agenda without the right people in the congress to bring the bills to the floor and get them passed?  To be chair-person's of committees that set the agenda? 

By now, you see how the system works, without enough support a bill in either house of congress dies in committee, or the vitally important legislation in the bill that are for THE PEOPLE's benefit never makes it into the final legislation.  I'm doing my part, under these circumstances - you guys gotta do yours as well.  If down-ticket Berniecrats loss it's gonna tell the DNC a whole hell of a lot about these revolutionary movements - that they can merely wait them out. 

That once their Shepard is slain, they're sheep that are easily dispersed. 

They think we're a political people with no sense of ourselves - that we're but another one of the many political fades that fizzle out.  Is that the case?  I sure as hell hope not. There is one week left - let's get busy.  These people [the DNC leadership] crawl out of the goddamn sewer with their look the other way to racist hatreds & violence - not one of them has said a word. 

There are cops caught vandalizing their own police cars - caught on video - then placing the blame on the protesters.  They're beating protesters on video - it's never gonna end until we replace all 1.2 million of them - if it takes us 20 years in the doing. 

Lastly, in my congressional race, there is a ringer in the race.  His name is Anthony Thomas jr.  He goes by ATJ on Twitter (an account he opened in September of last year) to play on the Democratic-Socialist popularity of @AOC, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  He's got the plagiarizing of others down to an art.  

If you go to his website, what you'll see is plagiarized Bernie Sanders talking points, no original ideas of his own.  People here that know him have written to be, left me voicemails, and texts that he's not political at all -  he's just doing something for attention sake.  I have no doubt it'll work among young neophyte voters, But, I'd expect more politically astute voters to see through his charade.  What Democratic-Socialists do you know that doesn't have a Twitter & Facebook feed going back years of their political ideology - we politically posts our beliefs - daily.  Sadly, the fraud he's perpetrating in this case can split the vote and help Titus win-again.   

I communicated with him early on - even asked him to step aside, back in March, to no avail. He's a Democratic-Socialist like I'm a Neo-Con Republican.  I asked him about the early days of DS in America - who his heroes of the era were, and what were his thoughts on Eugene Debs' Canton Speech (that got Debs imprisoned), on Norman Thomas and a few other early American pioneers of Democratic-Socialism - I got crickets.  Then, he signed off with the Islamic greeting, "As-salamu alaykum" - which he spelled wrong - when I said to him how does a Muslim (he claimed he was a Muslim) not know how to spell, "As-salamu alaykum" - he told me, "that's slang, homie."  He's a fake everything - but, again, a under political educated populace might give him credibility from showing up to shout, 'no justice, no peace,' at #LasVegas George Floyd protests happening nightly.   He has no Facebook presences other than photos from 10 years ago of his girlfriend.   Here is his website 

Typing this on the fly...forgive any type-o's. 

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