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Dr. Charles Calder, DDS. Scoundrel !?! 


Is an oral & maxillofacial surgery specialist in Las Vegas, NV and has over 23 years of experience in the medical field. He graduated from Loma Linda University / School of Dentistry in 2000. He is affiliated with Summerlin Hospital Medical Center.

I made this webpage just for you, charlie, me boy'o. 

So, it was ok for you to keep the money from Statefarm - but not me?  Never mind the circumstances - ah, fuck him, perhaps he died (says charlie). Well, I didn't die, charlie - I'm still standing to tell my story - and oh, charlie is gonna look really bad if/when I end up telling this tale to all of Nevada, to every place of dental surgery [that] you facilitate - however far removed they might be - statewide. 

You only sent back $800 to Statefarm from $5,520 - talk about shameless greed - thievery.  You're probably a degenerate gambler - closet drug addict (and I'm not the first you pulled this criminal class crap on).  But, dead men don't tell tales - right, charlie - and I know you hoped and prayed C-19 got me - actually it almost died from it - twice.  Did you claim it on your taxes?  

Last time I looked insurance/tax fraud is a very serious crime.  Aside from one's reputation being left in tatters (reputation, "a most false and idle imposition, oft gained without merit and lost without deserving").

Oh, you can attempt to spin it as a simple billing error but we know that wasn't the case - I recall you sob story about it being fraud if you turned it all over to me - then your sophistry about your wife being in her death-bed.   ok, charlie - you brace for impact - here's where I go real mean spirited - I make Trump look like a choirboy for vindictiveness - it's a Philadelphia thing (where he went to school btw).  

I'll give you one shot at rehabilitation - but just one shot. But if you try and handle me like I'm a dumb nigger assclown, it's gonna get ug-a-lee, real quick.  There are a few ways to fix it - but I have to be made whole.  You're either going to forward to me the entirety of the payment Statefarm gave you or pay directly whomever I hire to do the implants - or I'm going to drop the world on you with option 3 - your call.  I remember in vivid detail the circumstance of our interaction in 2020 = and I'm so hoping you're the hard headed Irishman of my Philadelphia roots - it'll make teaching you a lesson far more pleasurable when options 1 or 2 aren't done on the instant.  It'll be orgasmic spending the next 2 weeks in cyberspace focused on obliterating a clever squirrel like you.  Real talk, you're a low-life lacking in simple human decency (I pleaded with you to help me stay alive in that period when people were dying by the thousands a day from C-19, rather than help me you saw opportunity) and I don't have the time for your sorry ass - I've yet to expose to Statefarm, your many crime zones places of work your actual inner character, along with the IRS,too, but don't forward the money that's rightfully mine for the implants I need and your nightmare will begin - in earnest.        

I know it's insurance & possibly tax fraud, too, however you rack it, stack it or six pack it.  I'll text you the letter Statefarm sent me..... it ain't looking good - but you probably got a lawyer pal that will assist you in this situation (for free dental care). SMH - shame on you, charlie - stealing from a dead man (but I'm back from the dead - in Las Vegas tying off all my unfinished business from yesterday, you're unfinished biz, charlie) - but it's indicative of you - offered me cadaver bone graft - with your incredibly low moral compass that's what's probably in my mouth right now - the bones of a dead man.  I should have run for the hills when you mentioned it. 

I have the many emails from your secretary saying she returned the money on March 25 2020 after I insisted that you do so.  Just endless lie after lie, after lie. 

Well, the bill has come due - 4 years later. The mess always catches up, charlie, you're old enough to remember Watergate/Nixon. 

"The almighty says he can get me out of this - but you're pretty much fucked". -from Braveheart

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