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Dr. Charles Calder, DDS. Insurance and Tax Fraud. 


Is an oral & maxillofacial surgery specialist in Las Vegas, NV and has over 23 years of experience in the medical field. He graduated from Loma Linda University / School of Dentistry in 2000. He is affiliated with Summerlin Hospital Medical Center.

In conjunction with StateFarm insurance, insurance fraud was committed.   

To the extent of StateFarm's involvement - that's the part I'm not yet sure of.  Calder only sent back $800 to Statefarm from $5,520 - talk about shameless greed - thievery.  Judging from his haggard appearance and quality of his work I gauge him as a degenerate gambler and/or closet drug addict (and I'm not the first patient that he's pulled this criminal class crap on).

Last time I looked insurance/tax fraud is a very serious crime.  

I've yet to expose both Calder and Statefarm working together to deny me medical care to all of the Nevada citizenry.        

I know it's insurance & possibly tax fraud. He was supposed to return the entire amount to StateFarm.

I have the many emails from your secretary saying she returned the money on March 25 2020 after I insisted that you do so.  Just endless lie after lie, after lie.  He thought from a conversation we had in 2020 that Covid-19 had taken my life so he didn't have to return the money to StateFarm for them to forward it to another oral surgeon to do the long overdue work needed. 

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