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I'm taking the position that the law firm of davis & crump never had any intentions of paying me - "tricks of custom" as it were - among a certain type of lawyers of the michael avenatti stripe.

When one googles corrupt lawyers stealing clients settlement payments this sort of chicanery pops up and goes out the door and round the internet block. 

Henceforth, I'll stop contacting you and set about via every internet means available to make it known to potential clients in the states where you practice law of the abhorrent behavior at davis & crump.

Your story of the check going out but never getting to its destination makes zero sense (because it never happened).  While ms. williams was telling me one thing in our next to last phone call (getting a po box) according to the dates involved - the case was already closed - yet she made pretense of not knowing.     

To be forewarned is to be forearmed.   

I'll post the details of our interaction - from the beginning on this web page on my website - you can save yourself and me the bother with cease and desist letters (which will only act to reinforce my resolve).  In geopolitical politics (my area of expertise) it's said that, "a good [political] fight is never clean" - you're about to get a demonstration of that in practice.

There was this rightist (g. gordon liddy) that once said that, 'negative behavior that proves effective, will be repeated' - far be it from ultra-leftist me to quote any ultra nationalist, rightist fanatics like him - but in your case regarding bad behavior, he's spot on.  I'm fairly good at this internet stuff, as you'll soon see. 

My deep contempt for corp. bad behavior motives me to no end. I haven't yet looked into davis & crump's track record, but I'm sure if I look deep enough it's there - someplace, one just has to keep looking.   

When all of this Russian Federation - Ukraine silliness is behind the world I plan to lobby for the Russian Federation in matters of geopolitical importance (provided Biden's purposeful political ineptness doesn't get us nuked - a very real possibility). 

Actually, President Putin should tactically nuke their neo-Nazi sorry asses back into that stone age leaving them a rump state - in perpetuity  - it wouldn't be a great lost to humanity a world without Ukraine's ethno-state filth (but I digress).

Ok, I'm telling you so you know it's coming - I tried it the right way, but that hardly ever works when dealing with scoundrels.   

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